Author(s): Anita Venisha Almeida


DOI: 10.52711/jnmr.2023.14   

Address: Mrs. Anita Venisha Almeida
Associate Professor, Riddhi Vinayak College of Nursing, Nallasopara, Palghar.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 2,      Issue - 2,     Year - 2023

Turner syndrome is a rare chromosomal disorder that affects females. The disorder is characterized by partial or complete loss (monosomy) of one of the second sex chromosomes. TS is associated with certain physical and medical features including estrogen deficiency, short stature and increased risk for several diseases with cardiac conditions being among the most serious. The cognitive-behavioral phenotype associated with TS includes strengths in verbal domains with impairments in visual-spatial, executive function and emotion processing. Genetic analyses have identified the short stature homeobox (SHOX) gene as being a candidate gene for short stature and other skeletal abnormalities.4

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Anita Venisha Almeida. Turner Syndrome. A and V Pub Journal of Nursing and Medical Research. 2023; 2(2):53-5. doi: 10.52711/jnmr.2023.14

Anita Venisha Almeida. Turner Syndrome. A and V Pub Journal of Nursing and Medical Research. 2023; 2(2):53-5. doi: 10.52711/jnmr.2023.14   Available on:

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